Storage management - choice of HPSS

  • Need to “backend” the ODBMS

    • Using a large scale media management system
    • Because:
      • “Tapes” are still foreseen to be most cost effective
        • (May be DVDs in practice)
      • System reliability not enough to avoid “backup copies”
  • Unfortunately, large scale data archives are a niche market

  • HPSS is currently the best choice:

    • Appears scale into the PetaByte storage range
    • Heavy investment of CERN/Caltech/SLAC… effort to make HPSS evolve in directions suited for HEP
    • Unfortunately, only supported on a couple of platforms
    • A layer between the ODBMS and an HPSS filesystem has been developed: it is interfaced to Objectivity’s Advanced Multithreaded Server. This is one key to development of the system middleware.

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