GIOD - Summary

  • LHC Computing models specify

    • Massive quantities of raw, reconstructed and analysis data in ODBMS
    • Distributed data analysis at CERN, Regional Centres and Institutes
    • Location transparency for the end user
  • GIOD is investigating

    • Usability, scalability, portability of Object Oriented LHC codes
    • In a hierarchy of large-servers, and medium/small client machines
    • With fast LAN and WAN connections
    • Using realistic raw and reconstructed LHC event data
  • GIOD has

    • Constructed a large set of fully simulated events and used these to create a large OO database
    • Learned how to create large database federations
    • Developed prototype reconstruction and analysis codes that work with persistent objects
    • Deployed facilities and database federations as useful testbeds for Computing Model studies

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