Objectivity Usage Heuristics

  • If in doubt, keep re-OODDLXing

  • Application crashes with weird, never-seen-before-error deep in system kernel ? Re-OODDLX.

  • If in doubt, re-OOINSTALLFD

  • Multiple writers in one database or container? Best of luck to you ...

  • Locking problems in MROW mode ? MROW doesn’t work, does it?

  • Buffers full ? Check OO_CACHE variables - should be suitably big

  • Database replication? Use ftp … and ooinstallfd/ooattachdb

  • Bad errors when closing Windows apps ? Use ooExitCleanup()

  • Avoid evolving your Schema

  • Run regular checks on all objects in your database: if they’re OK today, they may not be tomorrow

  • Keep locking rate below ~5 locks per second. Exceed this at your peril

  • The Advanced Multithreaded Server isn’t …. Until 5.2

  • (That’s enough Heuristics … Ed.)

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