ODBMS - choice of Objectivity/DB

  • Commercial ODBMS

    • embody hundreds of person-years of effort to develop
    • tend to conform to standards
    • offer rich set of management tools & language bindings
  • Objectivity is the best choice for us right now

    • Architecture of Objectivity/DB seems capable of handling PetaBytes.
    • Very large databases can be created as “Federations” of very many smaller databases, which themselves are distributed and/or replicated amongst servers on the network
    • Features data replication and fault tolerance
    • I/O performance, overhead and efficiency are very similar to traditional HEP systems
    • OS support (NT, Solaris, Linux, Irix, AIX, HP-UX, etc..)
    • Language bindings (C++, Java, [C, SmallTalk, SQL++ etc.])
    • Commitment to HEP as target business sector
    • Close relationships built up with the company, at all levels
    • Attractive licensing schemes for HEP

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