GIOD Project Image Gallery 

  • Rick and Julian demonstrate the JavaCMS applet at SuperComputing'98 in Orlando, Florida.
  • A diagram showing the hardware set up for the production of an ~1 TByte federated Object Database, using a cluster of Windows/NT PCs at CERN, and using raw event data generated on the Caltech Exemplar
  • Evaluating Paradigm Plus as UML reverse engineering and design tool. An image of the UML diagram for the reverse-engineered "stars" application.
  • Powerpoint original of the poster shown at SuperComputing'97 in San Jose.
  • Copies of the pictures on the Exemplar Dedication Poster (created in 1997)
  • A picture of Cris Windoffer/JPL at the helm of the Exemplar (note the red ribbon). An image from the Java applet below shows the end view of an event in the CMS detector.

The picture above shows the simulation of a full event in the CMS detector.


Various pictures of simulated events in the CMS detector (courtesy of Lucas Taylor):