Welcome to the HPSS Cyclops

To receive video from the CACR HPSS Robot camera "Cyclops", you must first install the MBONE video tool called "vic":

  • If you are on a Unix box, go here for instructions on installing vic (but return to this page afterwards).
  • If you are on a PC running NT or '95:
    • download the zipped vic utilities, and unpack the two files into your PATH (e.g. C:\WINNT).
    • Add a new file type in your Netscape Browser with MIME type "application/x-vic" and application "vicrun".
    • In newer(?) Netscapes, it is necessary to specify the vicrun command as follows:

      vicrun "%1"

    • For the moment, "vicrun" only runs from Netscape ... i.e. you must be viewing this page with a Netscape browser.

Click on the video icon to start receiving images from CyclopsCyclops.